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Eternal robotics announces revolutionary tech

Eternal robotics

Smart Eyes revolutionizes the way of quality inspection and monitoring services by using state-of-the-art technology

Eternal Robotics a tech company based in Dubai UAE is mainly focused on automation and has introduced an innovative AI-driven solution for the problems encountered while streamlining multiple business operations such as surveillance, and action recognition systems. This is a revolutionary UAE-based company that is a subsidiary of Mojay Global Holding, whose main goal is to find out groundbreaking technology that has a chance in the world through investment and will provide growth opportunities to both the innovator and investor.

Smart Eyes the global leader in Human Insight AI, which is made by Eternal Robotics’ as a SaaS solution can perform various tasks such as monitoring employee uniforms and grooming compliance which is a critical function for operating in some specialized industries, that include airline companies, luxury vehicles, hospitals, construction companies, and the manufacturing companies. The service offers companies a transparent, digitized, and automated way relative to human inspection services, which can result in being both unpredictable and expensive.

Due to unvarying inspections, Smart Eyes is capable to detect any deviation in the services, it doesn’t matter how insignificant it may be. It can detect the smallest of things for example an incorrectly knotted tie, lack of safety standards and protective equipment, use of mobiles, and much more each deviation depending on the scenario of the industry. It is a service that is fully compatible with previously installed surveillance systems. Uses state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence in order to find, track and monitor employees in the industries mentioned above. Smart Eyes is capable of monitoring numerous entities that include people, dress code, training, the efficiency of work, and standards of products, and it can also recognize actions, where the last three are the main functions of the system.

The system is also designed in such a way that it is very easy to install, and it requires very less time to be fully functional which is about 2-4 weeks. Customers can choose the way they want the system to work hence getting full control over its main functionalities so that it may work in an efficient and effective manner catered to their industry.

A luxury chauffeur service named PREIMO has recently opted for Smart Eyes to inspect the uniforms of their drivers. the AI of the application prompted many times when the uniforms worn were not meeting company guidelines hence helping management ensure attendance, and conformity of the drivers and offering complete surveillance. PREIMO has also gained critical insights to improve its operations and to get instantaneous updates about employee compliance. PREIMO experienced a 70% cost reduction in inspection expenses, hence saving a substantial amount of resources for an optional expense. They have also reported an increase in the compliance of the staff with the company standards which has resulted in the advancement of the company.

CEO of Mojay, Raul Silva, stated that,

Mojay is a pioneering company that is disrupting the industry with new AI-driven solutions. The new automation system is a unique solution for streamlining business operations, including inspection, surveillance, and action recognition systems. Eternal Robotics has impressively proven itself to be at the forefront of AI within the region and I am looking forward to seeing it grow within the region and on a global scale.

Founder & Director of Eternal Robotics, Srikar Reddy, said that,

Our Vision stack is highly accurate, and we are adding multiple libraries constantly to serve the expanding needs of our clients. We specialize in delivering AI software that runs on existing camera infrastructure which removes ROI burdens. Our expertise with hardware engineering also allows us to integrate fully customized AI Vision stations depending on our client requirements.”

Other technology ventures supported by Mojay include MYRO, an award-winning, innovative smart construction wall painting robot that will soon be launched worldwide. Mojay is dedicated to welcoming revolutionary projects and providing business opportunities, to lionhearted entrepreneurs who are brave enough to challenge the present circumstances and who support state-of-the-art technology which incorporates new and higher standards in countless and varied industries.


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