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Google to offer 15,000 scholarships per annum worth $3.5 Million to Pakistani Youth

Scholarships to revolutionize Pakistan’s IT sector.

According to a member of the Senate Standing Committee on Information Technology i.e., Senator Dr. Afnanullah Khan, The American Tech Giant Google has offered to invest $3.5 Million per year in the Pakistani Youth, with high hopes to bring out the true potential of the countries’ IT sector.

Pakistani specialists are held in high regard globally hence we can deduce that the country has great potential to become one of the IT giants. Indubitably, Pakistan has the talent needed to conquer this Sector by excelling in numerous sub-sectors such as Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Architecture, Social computing, and many more. Sadly, it can be said that the gems of Pakistan are yet to be explored due to the lack of funds and attention from the government.

Now the government has started to make plans for the betterment of this sector and is hoping that their hard work will bear fruit in such a form that it will boost the morale of the specialists currently working in this sector and will encourage others to join. Accomplishing this will be a hard task but will eventually result in Pakistan being called the Silicon Valley of the east.


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