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Microsoft for Startups Middle East Welcomes 3rd Cohort of B2B Tech to GrowthX Accelerator

B2B Tech

It has been announced that 12 B2B tech startups have been enrolled in the GrowthX accelerator program which is designed specifically to guide innovative entrepreneurs through the ways to harness the right technology in order to drive growth and scale and also have a great impact across the Middle East.

B2B Tech Startups | Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

Today Microsoft has announced the third cohort of B2B tech startups for its GrowthX Accelerator program.

GrowthX is a strategic partnership between the Abu Dhabi Investment Office and Microsoft. This offers unparalleled training opportunities to startups in their initial stages which primarily range from the Seed to Series A spectrum. The program was launched in 2021 and since then a total of 36 B2B tech startups have graduated to this date through joining this program they have enabled themselves to brainstorm innovative and revolutionary ideas that can have a great impact on the. Enrollment for the third cohort of the program is currently open and will remain so until concluded in January 2023.

Acting Director General at ADIO, Engineer Abdulla Abdul Aziz Al Shamsi explained that Abu Dhabi’s commitment to the cause of accelerating digital transformation in the country through maximizing opportunities in order to boost the area’s digital economy is due to the reason that they can conclude the significance startups to bringing innovative and revolutionary solutions for industry, business, and societal challenges. They are excited to welcome the third cohort GrowthX Accelerator program. Through their current partnership with the tech giant Microsoft, they are fully committed to empowering the new innovators with the insights and resources that they require to grow and scale their startups so that one day they might be able to drive an impact in the region.

GM Microsoft UAE, Naim Yazbeck, explained that the startups have great potential that can not only accelerate digital transformation but can also expose exceptional innovations that might give the push to the whole region to move forward. The people enrolled in the third cohort will have access to knowledge from industry experts through which they will be able to scale their businesses in such a way that it may have a great impact on the whole region. Working together with ADIO they are excited to help the startups transform their innovative ideas into working state-of-the-art solutions that can empower the region and can develop their digital economy.

In the third cohort, exactly 12 startups will start training in sectors such as enterprise sales, technical readiness, investor readiness, and customer engagement tactics.

Startups participating in the 3rd cohort:

  • Edraak Systems (Pakistan), optimizes industrial manufacturing workflows.
  • FortyGuard (UAE), uses data to track and understand the impact of heat on cities.
  • University (Pakistan), cost-effective one-stop EdTech SaaS platform
  • Klickit (Egypt), enables educational institutes to send custom payment & fee solutions.
  • Pay Caps (UAE), a one-stop payment solution for all online purchases.
  • Peyk (Turkey), website monitoring cloud-based platform.
  • Pisano (UAE), an experience management platform that feeds the voice of customers and employees back into businesses.
  • Poilabs (Turkey), empowers technology to create accessible sites for the visually impaired.
  • Raabtaa (Pakistan), a platform for real-time business collaboration and customer engagement.
  • Supercommerce (Saudi Arabia), enables tech teams to build e-commerce.
  • Vita Virtues (UAE), creates transformative digital solutions to help insurance companies and brokers.
  • Xina AI (Jordan), Interactive Voice Assistant (IVA), and Chatbot for the Arabic language

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