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Natural Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence

Natural vs Artificial Intelligence

AI-Powered tool: Quality over Quantity

Facts about Human vs Machine Cognition

Human Input is morer needed to get accurate and quality AI-Powered content.

We should not let ChatGPT supervise our content and mind, it should be used and adopted as an assistant.

AI has the ability to produce high-quality content. With advancements in Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology and Machine learning technology – MLT, AI can now create content almost identical to content written by humans.

Accuracy of the content generated by AI.

It is important to know that AI-generated content is not perfect and may require fine-tuning. While AI can produce high-quality content, it may lack the creativity and ability that can be originated only by applying the human mind. Therefore, it is important to maintain a balance between using AI-Powered content to save time and effort and incorporating human intelligence to ensure the content is resourceful and aligned with the thought process behind the content.

We cannot take Human Intelligence out of Artificial intelligence if we have to generate substantial content.

Is the AI Powered content trustworthy?

It totally depends on the mind behind the content – natural intelligence. The quality can be measured by the content generated. Up to some extent, AI-generated content has limitations and is not always reliable, however, it can be a valuable tool in many cases. Where accuracy and quality are paramount, proper checks and balances are required.

AI is at best to just-assist human efforts and intelligence in producing content that can provide quick results. Careful selection of algorithms, keywords, and above all the proper knowledge of the subject behind the AI-powered content is the most important portion.

“In AI-powered content creation, “Quality will supersede quantity as in critical cases complex reasoning and established statistics are required which requires knowledge”.

Above all these arguments and discussions We have no other option but to adopt this new change quickly or we would be left behind”.

There are hows and whys but eventually, this tool is establishing its presence in this fast-growing world.

AI will undoubtedly not replace humans, it’s just an overstatement. Only a human who knows how to properly apply the AI tools replaces those who don’t know.

Written by Muhammad Abdur Rehman


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