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Saleem Nawaz Mandi Shaikh’s accelerator, D369, acquired $1 billion for startups in Web3 as well as the Metaverse.

It is safe to say that now in 2022, the world has indeed surpassed the scope of the Internet. The intriguing world of the Internet has developed quickly due to technological advancement and a significant push toward digitization. This has caused the World Wide Web to undergo a complete 360-degree transformation, giving rise to Web3. Web3 is focused on building a dynamic and interactive decentralized ecosystem that believes in using the power of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and all other mainstream and advanced technologies like blockchain to skillfully address the problems faced due to the advancement of the internet. With the same goal in mind, Saleem Nawaz Mandi Shaikh, a digipreneur and Web3 expert, has launched D369 and is raising $1 billion for more than 250 start-ups with the support of the Royal Family of the UAE and numerous well-known venture capitalists. These start-ups will solely be based on Web3 and Metaverse.

At last, people can breathe a sigh of relief because Web3 offers a lot more advantages and benefits than its predecessor. When compared to conventional marketing and advertising strategies, Web 2.0 needed relatively newer modern-age technology, urging the users to have them in order to see the sites. Another problem that hindered individuals from viewing and browsing large and intricate websites was a slow internet connection. Web3 is undeniably superior to Web 2.0 because it is entirely decentralized. In addition, Web3 gives consumers full control and authority over their material and internet usage, in comparison with Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. Numerous Web3 start-ups have emerged as a result of these inherent features. Nevertheless, when it comes to knowledge and infrastructure, all of these start-ups need a one-stop shop that can address the primary concerns that they might be facing.

Saleem has put forth an effort so that the world can have a one-stop solution for all start-up ideas that remain unexecuted due to a lack of information, a suitable medium, and appropriate infrastructures. D369 is going to be the largest smart accelerator hub in the world and will offer everyone the tools that they need to join the decentralized blockchain ecosystem. This revolutionary hub will help start-ups through a variety of stages and phases, including the pre-seed, seed, early, growth, expansion, and exit stages. It will have six zones: Consulting Zone, Innovation Zone, Creative Zone, Design Zone, Tech Zone, and MarCom Zone. Each of these zones has been specifically created to carry out the tasks or procedures that will be needed to support all start-ups.

Fintech start-ups, ed-tech start-ups, and other new and upcoming projects will all be supported by D369, an accelerator for Web 3.0 & Metaverse, in the Blockchain space.

A Harvard Business Review Advisory Council member & founding member of 369 Ventures, Saleem Nawaz Mandi Shaikh, stated,

Every industry has its problems. We are initiating a solution for all these problems to bring innovation to the world. Initiating a process for a smart accelerator hub like D369, we will conquer the answer to all forthcoming new challenges.

We can say that the world is going to have a strong platform for executing more complex concepts and tasks thanks to Web 3.0 project ideas. People will learn innovative techniques concerning blockchain and cryptocurrencies that might also prove helpful in their careers. The introduction of the D369 accelerator hub, in the markets, is anticipated to be in the near future. it will soon share the shortlisting formats in addition to the comprehensive structure and selection process. Start-ups that are interested can in submitting their projects can visit Through, Saleem hopes to offer start-ups and enterprises, crucial solutions and keys for a change in the evolving internet.

This is an initiative that will be able to cater to all types of businesses and projects globally. Because Web 2.0 has problems related to storage, authorization, etc., D369 is emerging as the next big thing for businesspeople and entrepreneurs. Saleem is one of those people who are trying to give it a major push. Due to this effort, we will be able to support all kinds of global enterprises and projects. D369 is emerging as the next great thing for businesses and entrepreneurs. This Is because of the shortcomings of Web 2.0, which were limitlessness, storage, the issue with authorization, etc. Saleem is working hard to give it a great push.


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