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Invest in Software Technologies Today to Prepare for Tomorrow

Software Technologies

We are living in a time where software technologies have a direct impact on everyday life. From smartphone apps to space exploration, technology is essential to the world of today

Software is now at the epicenter of progress. For many, it is the single-most-important factor in determining customer satisfaction, and, in turn, the business’s success.

The one aspect of technology that is driving the entire industry forward is customer experience,

says Raza Ali, Vice President of Software & Professional Services at Wateen, while talking about the company’s recent launch of dedicated software development and professional services department.

Whether companies like it or not, consumer expectations are driven by experiences offered by tech giants like Apple, Google, and Netflix. Software is at the heart of these experiences and is crucial in making companies future-ready.

Customer expectations are the only thing that is evolving faster than today’s business models. Companies need to be one step ahead of the customer: anticipating their needs and making their experience smoother than ever, Raza further added.

As the world begins to emerge into the post-pandemic normal, the impact of software is more evident than ever before.

Commenting on how businesses have evolved, Raza Ali said, “It wasn’t too long ago when we were skeptical about the idea of moving everything to cloud. But today, there is such an enormous influx of data around us, the idea of a digitally enabled business is not far-fetched at all.”

Companies today thrive on creating ecosystems that foster digital inclusion. This is made possible with software that ensures efficiency while offering companies a competitive advantage.

In Pakistan, it is companies like Wateen that are pivoting to the future by understanding consumer needs and bringing innovative solutions. As nation, we are at the cusp of a technological revolution towards a fully-digital business ecosystem that thrives on software, Raza elaborates.

In this new era of automation, our reliance on software and its ability to make life better continues to rise. Software is fundamental for success in any business, irrespective of sector or size, be it banking, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, and many more.

For any company to succeed in a technologically fluent world, it is imperative to invest in software.


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