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Samsung and TikTok Launch a New Music Making Tool – StemDrop

Samsung & TikTok's Music Magic

StemDrop is set to launch next week on October 26: Samsung & TikTok’s Music Magic

Making music on TikTok is going to become a lot easier thanks to a new tool made with collaboration between tech giant Samsung and TikTok. The tool is called StemDrop and it brings a new format for recording and mixing music on TikTok.

Popular TV show creator Simon Cowell is the creative director behind this venture and there are other names on board as well including Syco Entertainment and Universal Music Group. StemDrop will act as a building block to help you break down music tracks into individual elements such as vocals, drums, and bass, and there will also be a StemDrop Mixer to help anyone mix and master songs to their liking.

It will also help emerging musicians reach a wider audience by highlighting rising user-generated tracks on a weekly basis. Music artists Max Martin, Savan Kotecha, and Ali Payami have come together to launch a new song created through StemDrop exclusively for TikTok. As soon as the track drops, TikTok users will be able to create their own covers and remixes out of it.


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