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Giza Systems

The timely acquisition of Giza Systems by Saudi Solutions by STC, with a net value of $158 million, was successful

Solutions by stc is a Saudi Arabia-based company. It won’t be wrong to claim that it is a leading enabler of digital transformations in the country. It has successfully acquired 88.19% stakes in Giza Systems which have an enterprise value of roughly $158 million. It can be said that the

It is safe to say that now in 2022, the world has indeed surpassed the scope of the Internet. The intriguing world of the Internet has developed quickly due to technological advancement and a significant push toward digitization. This has caused the World Wide Web to undergo a complete 360-degree

Saudi Arabia gaming

The past few years have been critical for the Saudi Arabia gaming community as the government has come up with great plans to boost the e-sports industry in the country in order to make it a gaming hub. They have already started to make a name in this sector and

B2B Tech

It has been announced that 12 B2B tech startups have been enrolled in the GrowthX accelerator program which is designed specifically to guide innovative entrepreneurs through the ways to harness the right technology in order to drive growth and scale and also have a great impact across the Middle East.

Developer Innovation

Intel hands over turnkey solutions to developers for the betterment of Artificial intelligence, privacy & security, quantum computing, and more. HIGHLIGHTS Intel announced various services and tools with an aim to aid developer innovation in reducing time-to-market, and increasing performance, and security. Intel continues to deliver what they have promised

Eternal robotics

Smart Eyes revolutionizes the way of quality inspection and monitoring services by using state-of-the-art technology Eternal Robotics a tech company based in Dubai UAE is mainly focused on automation and has introduced an innovative AI-driven solution for the problems encountered while streamlining multiple business operations such as surveillance, and action